The Canterbury UNESCO World Heritage Site Tour

Canterbury Cathedral English Heritage St Martin’s and St Paul's Canterbury

Welcome to the 2022 Canterbury UNESCO Tour. The tour visits Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s church, the three sites in the city that together make Canterbury a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fully-guided six-hour tour gives a fascinating and detailed insight into the introduction of Roman Christianity to Britain.


The tour takes you from the arrival of St Augustine into Canterbury in 597 to the creation of the Abbey that bears his name; how the Cathedral evolved from its early beginnings to present day status as mother church of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the opportunity to discover the hidden history of St Martin’s Church, England’s oldest parish church.

Canterbury Cathedral's towers as seen from the west. St Martin’s Church, seen from the churchyard.

The tour will run on 12 days in 2022 with a maximum of 15 people on each tour and comprises:

The cost of the tour is
£50 per person.


The tour is available on the following dates:

The tour duration is around 6 hours which is mostly spent standing or walking, appropriate clothing and footwear is advised

Due to the ancient nature of the three sites you are visiting, please be aware that some areas of the Cathedral, parts of the St Augustine site, and large parts of St Martin’s are regrettably inaccessible to wheelchairs and prams.

St Augustine's Abbey, seen from within the grounds.